Energy Savings

Long-term Savings

Saving energy doesn’t just shrink your next utility bill. It can lower rates for your entire community and help control rising energy costs over the long haul. That’s why public power utilities offer a variety of programs to help residents and businesses be more energy efficient—whether it means changing a few light bulbs or planning a renovation. Contact your locally owned utility to find out more.

Summer Tips

Summer Savings Tips

Residents can beat the heat with these energy-saving tips:

  • Utilize your dishwasher’s energy-saving settings such as the no heat drying cycle. This will help limit the amount of heat in your home, which can cause your air conditioner to run less.
  • Give your appliances and electronics a vacation. Before taking a trip, turn off and unplug everything you can and turn off your air conditioner, or raise your thermostat to 78 degrees. 
  • Clean or replace your cooling system’s air filter regularly.

Want more?

Contact your locally owned utility to find more ways to help you stay comfortable and keep saving all season long.

Many public power utilities offer cash-back rebates for energy-efficient upgrades. Others can help you purchase renewable energy, pinpoint the energy wasters in your home, or connect you to statewide energy-efficiency initiatives, like Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy program or Michigan’s Efficiency United.

Get started saving today. Find out which programs are available from your locally owned utility.